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Canon EOS Utility Download: How to Install on Windows 7

Canon makes some pretty cool free software to go with your camera. The Canon EOS Utility download (aka EOS Capture Utility) is a good example of this. With it, you can attach your camera to your computer with a USB cable, and then you can control the camera remotely. This is called “tethering.”

But even though this software is free, Canon won’t let you download it and install it straight from their website. It’s designed so that it only installs straight from the CD. These discs are included with every new Canon camera, but if you lose your disc… you’re out of luck.

So is there some kind of workaround, where you can get the Canon EOS utility download and install it on Windows 7 anyway…?

It turns out there is. And it’s really pretty simple.

Canon EOS Utility: Before You Install It

To make this work, you’ll need to make a few minor changes to your Windows registry. While you could potentially damage your system if you make the wrong changes, this is pretty unlikely. Just follow the directions, make the minor corrections that are described, and you shouldn’t have any trouble. With that being said, I claim no responsibility for anything that goes wrong.

You may find a file you can download on the Internet that you can run to insert the correct Windows registry keys. While this is an option,¬†that sounds dangerous to me. If you change the registry keys manually you know exactly what you’re adding and changing, whereas if you run that file you’ll be adding things blindly.

First, you’ll need to open up the Windows Registry Editor. From the start menu, choose “Run” and type “regedit.” Click on the program. If the UAC dialog box comes up, choose “Yes.”

Once you’re in the registry, you’ll see a directory tree on the left. Each of these “directories” is a “Key.” Go to Computer -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Wow6432Node -> Canon. In order to install EOS Capture Utility, you’ll need to make a new registry key inside this “Canon” key. Essentially, you’re tricking the software into thinking that you’ve already had the EOS Utility installed on your computer.

Right click on the “Canon” key, and select the “New -> Key” option from the menu. Call it “EOS Utility.”

Canon EOS Utility Download: Where to Get It

Next, you’ll need to obtain a copy of the software and actually install it. This is available on the Canon website (described as a “software upgrade”), but unfortunately the way the website is set up I can’t link directly to the file.

Go to the product page for your camera on Canon’s website. It doesn’t matter which camera you use, really, so you can follow this link tothe¬†Canon t3i product page. Click on “Drivers & Software.” Then choose your operating system (Windows 7) from the dropdown menu.

In the list of “Software,” you should see a file named something like “EOS Utility 2.10 Updater for Windows (EU2100EN.exe).” The version number may change in the future as it is updated. Download the file, run the installer, and you should be good to go!

[Note: The reason I specified Windows 7 throughout this post is that the registry path is a little different on a Windows Vista or Windows XP System. The Wow6432Node key is something new in Windows 7. If you're using an older machine, follow the same instructions, but make the new registry key in Computer -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Canon. This may also be the same on 32 bit versions of Windows 7, but I'm not positive.]

Brian Rock

Brian is a photographer and a teacher. He runs a photography and design studio with his daughter, Olinda. At his high school, he teaches social studies and advises the yearbook club.


Nathan O'Kane

Thank you, worked on windows 7 5Dmk2

Brian Rock

Glad to hear it, Nathan!


What if I don’t have “cannon” on my directory key?


I meant directory tree

Brian Rock

Hi Rodrigo. If there’s no “Canon” key (make sure you spell it with one “n” or it won’t work), then create one inside the SOFTWARE key/folder. Sometimes it doesn’t exist, depending on what you’ve already installed on your computer.


Thank you so much! I can now use the utility on my new PC!


Dear Brian, just finished to follow your instructions and it worked perfectly, thnx for the advise

Eli Gadot


Good stuff Brian, Thank you!!!


I was able to get EOS Utility working on my Windows 7 PC (without a CD) by following an alternate set of instructions from the Canon help desk. Here are the steps: 1) Download the ZoomBrowser EX 6.6.0b Application (which will prompt you for the serial number on your camera) and install it, 2) restart your PC after ZoomBrowser installs, then 3) Install EOS Utility 2.9.0 Updater for Windows.


Thank you. Worked on Windows 8 x64.


I just tried this with no luck..going to try EW’s instructions..maybe it will work?


worked really well! Thank you!

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